Larry Earnhart, Profit Mentor

“Taking the Road Less Travelled” is Larry Earnhart’s personal motto. He  is an insightful, analytical Business Coach and Consultant with more than three decades’ experience running, advising and launching businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

With his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Georgia Institute of Technology, Larry started his career by working with a team to scale up a chemical process from the lab to production earning two patents along the way. He has managed teams of up to 75 people for companies producing more than $300 million of product annually.

His roles in chemical plant production in multinational corporations have included Operations Manager, Project Manager, Lab Manager, Quality Manager, Safety Manager, Environmental Manager and Emergency Response Team Leader. Larry is also a certified ISO 9000 Quality Auditor and a Six-Sigma Green Belt. During that time he earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Since moving to Canada from the United States he has bought, managed and sold several companies, including stints as a financial advisor, a restaurateur and owner of a franchise handyman business.

Through Alchemy Business Consulting, Larry combines his scientific nature and business savvy to bring his clients a special way to improve their businesses. His passion for observation and analysis, mixed with decades’ experience in a variety of roles, give him a unique perspective on business strategy.

Living with his son in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Larry follows his other passion of cooking, baking and making hand-dipped chocolate.

Larry reads, blogs and writes about business. He also teaches business courses in Entrepreneurship, International Business, Investments and Business Ethics as an adjunct Professor with University Canada West.