An Entrepreneurial Reality Check – The Hard Way

A few years ago while executing my exit strategy from my handyman business I enquired into a new, locally produced TV show called The Hard Way. The premise was to film small business owners with troubled companies being helped by experienced mentors. The title, “The Hard Way” showcased the concept of using tough-love guidance to …read more

Just Good Enough or Very Best?

I built a garden obelisk for my partner last weekend. If you don’t know what a garden obelisk is, it is a trellis in three dimensions, looking a lot like a miniaturized, rural Washington’s Monument. I had looked up plans for this on the internet (as you know, you can find anything on the net) and …read more

Multiplying Results by Maximizing Resources – Part 4

The last few posts have talked about how to multiply the resources that you’ve worked hard to maximize. So far we’ve covered: Calling All Cars Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork Black Sheep Clients Olympic-Size Sales Staff Open Water Fishing Call for Back-Up Go Big Online Bartering with the Best Give Away the Farm Today …read more