Is There Such a Thing As Global Business Ethics

Is there such a thing as global business ethics? What are ethics? Often they are thought of by the public as an oxymoron – that business and ethics are incompatible. At least that’s the way it seems to many people. Ethics are about doing the right thing. They are about fairness and honesty and treating …read more

Business Works Youth – Open House

Learn about the new program to help young people who want to start a business train to become entrepreneurs. Business Works Youth is a 3 month Federal/Provincial training program for 15 – 29 YOs who have not made an EI claim in the last 3 years, are un- or under-employed (less than 20 hours of …read more

Business Works Youth – Entrepreneurship for the Less Advantaged

The Entrepreneurial spirit comes from many places. Some people just seem to be born to it. But the desire to be your own boss expresses itself often when people find themselves working jobs they find demeaning or not being able to find a job at all. There are many job training programs for those who’ve lost their …read more

Nobody Likes Voice-Mail Hell…

Great article on companies that rely on automated phone systems.  

Dad’s 145 Sayings To Live By

Dad’s Words… This is a list of sayings, quotes, aphorisms, morals and things I’ve found make sense over the years. They are in no particular order. Some may not be apparent unless you put some thought into them. Some are principles I live by and some I aspire to. Some are contradictory. But then so …read more

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