Competition & Failure – What I Learned from Kids

How kids interact and how adults interact tells us a lot about how we change as we grow. I am a devotee of cooking shows, having formerly owned a restaurant and I enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching Gordon Ramsay bully his way through his various cooking shows. Two of his successful works are Master …read more

An American In Canada – It is My Turn to Give Thanks

US Thanksgiving 2014 I moved to the rather bucolic and quite British-y city of Victoria, BC in Canada thirteen years ago from Los Angeles. A truly wonderful place to live and raise a family. A bit of culture shock however coming here from America. I still scoff when people complain about the traffic (traffic? You …read more

Extreme Customer Service

In preparation for a talk entitled Extreme Customer Service I am going to present soon to a local networking group  I was ruminating about the kinds of customer service I’ve been exposed to over the years. We’ve all heard (and experienced) the horror stories about really bad service. How often are we exposed to an …read more

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