Multiplying Results by Maximizing Resources – Part 3

Over the last few posts we talked about how to multiply the resources that you’ve worked hard to maximize.
So far we’ve covered:

  1. Calling All Cars
  2. Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork
  3. Black Sheep Clients
  4. Olympic-Size Sales Staff
  5. Open Water Fishing
  6. Call for Back-Up
Today we’ll cover the next three:
  1. Go Big Online
  2. Bartering with the Best
  3. Give Away the Farm
Go Big Online
In the 1990’s the DotCom bubble hit and then crashed in 2000. The mantra was that brick and mortar business was dead and there was a new paradigm – the online business. Then people realized that getting real products to customers required a real storefront. Over the last fifteen years social media has taken hold and there is a merger of technology to real business operations that uses both. Many entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to add an online component to their business. When you take the time to establish an online presence you open up your business to the entire world, through a few clicks of the mouse.
To successfully sell products online, you need to:
  1. Offer high-quality products/services that people want.
  2. Build an attractive, effective website that’s user-friendly.
  3. Generate high-quality traffic at a low cost.
With all of these things in place you can find success with you online exposure.
Bartering with the Best
If you’ve ever gone to a yard sale and paid the sticker price, then you need to up your bartering game. Everything is negotiable and you need to take the time to barter with your suppliers. Companies are always open to bartering and when all is said and done you could find yourself saving significantly on the things your business needs to operate smoothly.
In order to negotiate you need to have an understanding of the value of what you are buying. You may need to give something else of value to get something you want instead of just asking for a lower price. Be careful of trying to get the lowest price or continuing to make demands after the deal is settled because you may destroy the relationship with your vendor.
Give Away the Farm
Ok, so not literally, but you have to be willing to stay in contact with prospective clients and offer them products and services they are going to need. You don’t know what they need until you offer them everything you’ve got then work with them to put together the perfect package the fit their needs.
When you take the time to put yourself at the front of their minds, they are more likely to work with you 
going forward. 
You can do this by offering free newsletters, a free consulting session or other valuable tool. This is called content marketing and it is the way that companies are marketing themselves by drawing customers to their business instead of using traditional mass media marketing.
This wraps up these three areas of multiplying on the resources you’ve maximized. If you’re not sure where to start or are feeling a bit overwhelmed, try our FREE test drive to work with one of our amazing business coaches who can help you navigate these peaceful waters.
Next time we’ll finish up this series with the last three ways to multiply your maximized resources. We’ll cover:
  1. Finding Your Pot of Gold
  2. Stay at the Top of Your Game
  3. Wealth from the Inside Out
We’ll continue with one more post in this series to give you all the resources you need to get the most out of your current resources.
If you need help working through any of these or the previous areas, try our FREE test drive to work with one of our amazing business coaches.
Larry Earnhart
Alchemist Professors
March 26, 2014
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