Profit Margin – Maximizing Your Resources – Part 2

Last time we talked about the first three areas to work through in maximizing your current resources. They were: ·         Recognize the obvious ·         Unconventional breakthroughs ·         Face the facts Today we’ll cover the next three, which are: ·         Reveal the soul of your business ·         From breaking even to breaking the bank ·         Stand …read more

Profit Margin – Maximizing Your Resources – Part 1

Over the next few posts we’re going to talk about how to take a hard look at your current resources and get the most out of them. This can help your capital go further and increase your profit margin. Today we’ll cover three different ways to maximize what you already have. These include: ·         Recognize …read more

5 Killer Mistakes – Part 3

The last 2 posts covered the first four of the killer mistakes you can make that will not only make you lose your fish, but possibly your entire company. Today we’re going to talk about the fifth killer mistake: Up Cash Creek Without a Paddle.   Even when business is good there’s still a chance …read more